I've Been Knitting :)

On and off for the last couple of months I have been knitting beanies! 

So far, I have one completely finished and another on the needles. I'm not sure if it's just me, but it takes me quite a while to knit. Crocheting I can finish in a day, but knitting is a little harder on my fingers :( However, I personally prefer the look and, in my experience, the longevity of knitted beanies over the crocheted ones. 

Both of these beanies follow a basic pattern of a 3" ribbed band and 7" of stockinette. The total length is 10". I plan to reopen and stock these items in my Etsy shop in the next couple of months. 

The first beanie is made with Patons Classic Wool in Natural Mix. The second is a combination of Patons Classic Wool in Royal Purple and Deborah Norville's Serenity Sock Yarn in Teal Tease. I love the look of combining the solid with the variegated yarn. 

Just in case you were wondering, the needles are Knit Picks Rainbow Wood Circulars and the cute sheep stitch marker is one I've had for a while and can be found here

When creating and then selling wearable knitted items, I strive to use natural fibers and basic patterns to suit everyone. 

The Patons Classic Wool is one of my favorites to work with, besides the fact I can't just throw it in the wash :) 

The basic pattern leaves room for personality. I have an idea in my head of creating detachable bow, heart, or pom pom brooches to embellish the hats, so that is a near future task I have to tackle. Let me know what you think!

Be on the look out for more color options in these basic beanies and I will let you know when the shop reopens! 

Love. Peace. Happiness. 


Back to School Planner!

It's back to school season! 

Immediate reaction/train of thought from a craft/stationary addict: 
"Awesome-that means it's the perfect time to shop for all the colorful and patterned designed pens, stationary, office supplies, and planners" :) 

Those are my exact thoughts during every back to school season :) The only difference is that this year, after being out of school for a minute, I will be returning to school in the fall to restart my dental assisting program. I decided that I needed a separate planner for homework assignments and important school dates. For my personal planning, I use a Mead weekly/monthly and realized I didn't have any extra space in the daily slot for school related planning.  And of course, I made this decision will browsing Walmart's back to school section. 

Luckily, I ran across an inexpensive planner from Studio C. I had actually never heard of this company until I found this super cute planner from their Polka Party Collection. I do not see the particular planner I purchased online, but you can view their selection here

I picked up a relatively small 12 month planner for the 2015-2016 school year. It measures in at 6" x 4.25". Both the front and back cover is made of a very durable poly.  

Once opened, there is is a coated sheet to protect the pages and a double sided pocket made of the same coated material. Next, is an personal information page with a cute quote and on the reverse a 2015 and 2016 calendar. 

What initially attracted me to this planner was the bright colored monthly pages with inspirational quotes. I have put my favorites below. Also, the laminated multi colored monthly tabs. 

For every month there is an important dates page and a lined note page. 

Each monthly calendar layout covers 2 pages. I love the extra touch of doodles for majority of important holidays and that the monthly calendar and weekly pages are printed in black and white only. I feel it leaves more options for me to add colors that will not clash with the design and the ability to add personal touches. 

The weekly pages have a full section for the weekdays and halved for the weekends. This is fine for me as this will serve solely for my school planning. I will most likely use the weekend section for more note taking.  

At the end of each weekly section, before going on to the next month, there is another lined note page which is very helpful. 

The end of the planner has 5 lined note pages, front to back, for a total of 10 pages. The planner ends with a Special Dates to Remember page and the same durable plastic page to protect the sheets. 

Overall, I love this planner and I am super happy I ran across it. My only downfall is, I feel the spiral might give me a little trouble as I reach the back as it did not come with a continuous spiral, but one that is opened at each section. 

After looking on Studio C's website I found their accessory clutches and love the fabric designs and selections. This one is my favorite, and I see a purchase in my near future :) 

Check it out and let me know what you think. 

Love. Peace. Happiness. 

*Blog post was not sponsored by Studio C and I have no affiliation. All opinions and photos are my own*


A Day at the Lake

A couple of weekends ago, in our effort to enjoy the AMAZING weather and to get out with the little one, we went to the local community college and walked the lake. We actually set out in the late evening and I have to admit it was the perfect time :) I decided to bring along my camera and got some great shots of the surrounding nature, that I am sharing with you. 

Please enjoy! 

Love. Peace. Happiness. 


Love this Color!

Finally had time to give myself a mani!!! :) I promise you there is some kind of special magic in the girly girl spa things that make me oh so happy :) I have been a fan of Sinful Colors for quite some time, due to the unbeatable price point and the wide color range. Due to this, I have a habit of picking up cute new shades when i go into drugstores, and then taking a while to actually use them. This particular shade is Tempest and it is a perfect shade of lilac.  

Love. Peace. Happiness. 


Logo Change

I have yet again redesigned my logo :)

Yes, I still used PicMonkey, and the same color combo of black, white, and blue. However,  I have simplified it. I am currently in love! 

Love. Peace. Happiness.