Happy Birthday MOM!

Tuesday 10/25 was my moms 51st birthday! So glad she's not one to be shy about admitting her age, I tease her as any daughter should, but she looks great!

I decided to have some fun on her day and create Cake in a Mug. I was a little skeptical about the mug being able to hold everything so we used a bowl. It was super fun making with both my mom and my daughter (silly girl was trying to do everything on her own, smh :)) I will definitely try this again, but I am having my mom (the baker) tweak the recipe some to create a moister, sweeter cake.

Watching the cake rise and then level in the microwave was definitely the coolest part. The icing was not my fav  :( I'm such a horrible icer no matter what. I will have to work on my non-skills a lot more. But, mom did hers bee-u-ti-ful! I'm sure you will be able to pick out who's is who's from the pics. BTW: we did cheat and use Betty Crockers Cupcake Icing, super good!

All in all it was a very fun day and a birthday to remember.

Love. Peace. Happiness. 


  1. Anonymous4.12.11

    You are SOOO SWEEEET!!! And a birthday it was to remember; 2 of my fav girls to spend the day with ole mom's on her B-Day, what a blessing!!! And yes, THANK YOU LORD, for letting me see 51yrs, I AM BLESSED!! I Thank you and mama both :=) Now the Cake-in-a-mug...OOOOHHH YES, I tweeked it alright, now can't stop, it's a dangerous cake...only 5min total to make, Lord please help me not to put myself in a sugar coma, lol !!! BTW, you did do a great job frosting, just keep working on it, you'll become great like you are with crafts! :) Thanks again, kiddo and kiddett, I love you both much, Mom!

  2. @ "Mom"- Love u 2! We did have fun n plz lay off the cake! :)