I've been away for a while but been very busy and unfortunately not so much busy crafting :(

On Friday 10/21 after a FANTASTIC first Parent/Teacher Conference at my daughters school we decided to take the Ferry and spend the day in Larkspur/ Marin. Beautiful weather and beautiful scenery.

About 2weeks ago, I lost my wallet :( I'm not even sure exactly where it was lost, but after calling all the different places I was at multiple times, I considered it a loss and bought a cute new one :)

Only sad part now is all the cards I need to replace. I'm about half done with that part now.

While browsing in the beauty section of Target I stumbled across a great deal on something I have never owned...

My very first Eyeshadow Palette! Created by E.L.F., sold at $10, with 100 different, beautiful colors! I have been having a little too much fun with this I must admit :)

With Halloween coming up we painted some miniature pumpkins that my dad bought for Riya. She loved it and got pretty messy but its a nice decoration to the porch.

Love. Peace. Happiness. 


  1. Anonymous4.12.11

    Good job on pumpkins...looks like a new lil up and coming artist, so keep EYE on EYEshadow pallett, lol.. get it, EYE on EYE... nooo? smh, okay : |