Happy Holidays!

Somehow every year, after Thanksgiving, when the tree goes up the holiday season finally seems real. I start getting in the spirit and wanting to play Christmas music all the time. I am no longer annoyed at the sight of Christmas decorations in the stores and the days seem to fly by while we are all busy counting down. 

After the family and I put our little tree up this year, I realized something was missing. My wall was a little too plain next to the beautiful tree. I didn't know exactly what to put there until I watched Belinda Selene's YouTube video on DIY Holiday Room Decor A banner was a perfect idea! I immediately grabbed some large stencils from Walmart and got out my stash of scrapbook paper. I measured and cut the banner shapes out myself and strung up the letters between ribbon and some thumbtacks. The letters themselves were a little too plain for me so I added on some gold christmas trees and pretty bows made with thin ribbon. 

I am so happy with my little wall :) I might be more than a little sad when the holidays are over this year, but I am enjoying it while I can! 

Love. Peace. Happiness. 

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