My First Tutorial!!! :)

I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I enjoyed making this quick and rather cute project!

If you are not crafty and/or would just like to purchase the finished product - these magnets will be availiable in my Etsy Shop soon.

Note: Please make, modify, and sell to your delight but, please reference onnahandmade as the creator. Thank you :)

Flowering Button Magnets

  • .75" diameter buttons
  • 8mm seed beads
  • Craft Thread ( I preferred this over Embroidery Floss as there were less strings to keep track of)
  • .75" diameter magnets  
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • E-6000 Glue

Step one:
Bring Craft Thread up from the bottom thru one of the 4 button holes, slip on two beads.

Step 2:
Bring end of Craft Thread down from the top thru the diagional button hole.

Step 3:
Bring Craft Thread up again from the bottom thru the next button hole and add on 2 more beads.

Step 4:
Bring Craft Thread back down thru the last availiable button hole centered between the two previous beads.

Step 5:
Tie a double knot in the back and secure with a dab of craft glue. Trim excess threads.

Step 6: After craft glue has fully dried, add a dab of E-6000 glue to the backs of both the button and the magnet.

Step 7: Let sit apart for a couple minutes and then press together. Set aside and let dry for atleast 24hrs.


Love. Peace. Happiness. 

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