Away Yet Again...

Long and busy is what I call these last couple of weeks. Time has literally flown by. I can't believe Thanksgiving is already this Thursday!

No pics to drool over today :( I will definately be posting again some time this weekend as I have been a complete crafting fool :) I have also realized that I have a ton of WIPS that I need to get finished up. I will have to post a list and then blog when I finish each to give me a bit of motivation and a whisper to not start that gorgeous new project thats calling my name. I plan to finish up all my WIPS before the end of this year but, we will definately have to see on that one as December starts next week! I can already tell you that my January resolution is to not ever start a new project before one is done. However, I might always have two projects going at once as one at a time does get a bit boring sometimes hehehe :) Until next time I am wishing all a safe, lovely Thanksgiving and a fabulous remainder of this week!

Love. Peace. Happiness. 


  1. Anonymous4.12.11

    Thanks, I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving also! Hey! What are 'WIPS'?

  2. @ Anonymous- I did, thank you, I hope yours was great as well :) WIPS are works in progress.