I have been enjoying spending time crocheting and sewing lately, and I am oh so happy I have the time to do so :)

I was looking on Pinterest the other day and came across an Angry Bird pattern over at Obsessively Stitching. I have to say I have fallen in love with this blog as a whole and just had to "try" making the plushie. I say try because she is so talented and I am just starting out. I decided to use felt as opposed to the fleece recommended. I am pleased with the way my bird came out but will most likely make another red one as mines has a crooked beak :( I am going to try and make the whole collection as well. My daughter loves the red one, and can't stay away from the game on my phone :)

:( at the crooked beak 

I have finished my other granny square plushie as well as the Hello Kitty keychain. I decided to use pink felt for the center of the granny square and am happy with the results.

The flash brings out the colors so much better than natural light

For Hello Kitty I used no felt as a lining and decided not to add on a face, I like just having the shape and bow a lot better. I attached the crochet bow with hot glue as opposed to stitching it on so not to pull at the crocheted stitches as there was no felt lining to cover up the polyester stuffing.

peace and blessings, b 


  1. Anonymous19.1.12

    So will you be selling the squishys @ esty shop too? btw, she's sooo cute :) I like the shrug, good job, goes good with the dress I think!

  2. Thank you, only granny square squishies will be sold in the Etsy shop, eventually :)