Busy Crocheting :)

Good Afternoon!

Last nite I crocheted my daughter a cute little shrug to go with her holiday dress for a Christmas program at school. I used Vanna's Glamour in Grey Stone and 4.0MM hook. I love how the shrug turned out but am now unsure of the color choice. I bought the yarn yesterday at my local Michael's without relooking at the dress before leaving home. The grey yarn is a darker shade than the dress and her shoes and tights are both black. I feel I should have went with my first instinct at the store and bought the black instead. So I will have to decide tommrow what exactly she will be wearing. Either way the shrug is definately going to be worn :) 

On another note I finished the Pink, Yellow, and Blue Squishie Granny! I used the yellow felt for the lining as I had noted in my previous post. I also remembered what yarn I used :) Claudia Hand Painted Yarns, I am however still unsure of the colorway.

As you can see, my daughter decided to add in her cute little chickie, I couldn't say no :) I am also, currently working on a possible hello kitty keychain plushie. I am excited to see how it will turn out.

Love. Peace. Happiness. 

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