Crochet Rose in Etsy Shop

I have finished my crochet rose pins/ hair clips.

So far I have only listed the cream in my shop. I am still trying to take the perfect picture of the red and the pink was a definate guinea pig therefore it won't be in the shop at all. However, it is a great new accessory for me or maybe my mom :)

I am addicted to these beautiful roses are am going to be experimenting with making them smaller. Currently, I am using a sport weight wool yarn and it measures approximately 3.5" across.

Love. Peace. Happiness. 


  1. Anonymous30.1.12

    YEP! You know me well, dear daughter :) Great for my hair, I have a list of colors for you, although I do understand if I must wait, your orders must take priority :-) MOM <3

  2. @ Mom- Lol I will see what I can do :) But you can definately have the pink for the time being...