Knit/ Crochet Essentials

As with any craft/ hobby there are certain "essentials" needed to create a beautiful project. Personally I dabble in just about every kind of art and crafty thing there is, so I have a lot of essentials :) However, for the time being I thought it would be a good idea to list and show how I store my knit and crochet essentials.

I carry along a clear view zippered case from Knit Picks with me always. This is their Tool Pouch from the Knitting Project Bags line. I absoutely love this bag! Sturdy, small yet big size, and zipper were winners for me. I throw this bag in my purse where ever I go. I do not have a knitting bag as I also have to tote around a 3year old, lol, so that's enough for me :)

I keep (from right to left):
  • View Sizer purchased at Knit Picks- handy ruler, needle sizer, and magnifying glass
  • Steeking Scissors purchased at Knit Picks- pointy tip, sharp, cover
  • Plastic Darning Needles purchased all over- for sewing and weaving with bulky yarn
  • Emergency Fix Keychain purchased from Knit Picks- dual sided crochet hook for picking up dropped stitches, adding on tassles, etc
  • Tape Measure purchased at dollar store- measuring :)
  • Curved Daring Needles purchased at Michaels came in two sizes for weaving in ends and sewing, great twist on closure
  • Cable Needles purhased from Hiya Hiya- cabling
  • Extra Yarn great for holding onto live stitches ie: sleeves
  • Altoids Tin purchased at drug store- breath freshners??? :)

Of course its not for mints! This handy dandy tin is filled with knitting notions!

All these useful little gadgets would always be lost with out this tin.
  • Bobby Pin I found that this common object is 100x better at holding crochet stitches than the Slip Stitch Markers
  • Stitch Markers in 3 different sizes for knowing where the beginning of your round is in circular knitting
  • Slip Stitch Markers in 2 different sizes and 4 different colors for crochet
  • Row Counter from Lion Brand- counting rows, I attach mines to a stitch marker with a ball chain
  • Locking Stitch Markers from Hiya Hiya- these safety pin look alikes are perfect for knowing where you are
  • Darning Needles purchased all over for those pesky ends and sewing  
  • Point Protectors must protect those knitting needle tips and keep work from sliding off!
  • Interchangeable Needle Key for both my Boyle and Knit Picks Harmony Circular knitting needles
  • Wire Yarn Stranding Guide purchased from Knit Picks for intarsia which I have yet to master
I hope this helps the newbies and also the seasoned knitters and crocheters.

Love. Peace. Happiness. 


  1. Anonymous19.1.12

    You are SOOOOO talented! No, I'm not being partial, it's the truth :) I love you, MOM

  2. Lol if you say so <3

  3. Don't know how you got through bag check (if you fly like I do) with those sharp pointed scissors. Mine were taken away, twice! (when I forgot about the rule!). I use blunt tip ones or the circular yarn cutters from Joanns or knit shops. Plus I carry "so" much I try to "lighten"my load with the lightest weight items. For my small accessories I use the tiny pill dose zip lock bags (about 2" x 3") sold in drug stores on a revolving rack with travel pill cases, etc. I used to use altoids tins, but they we're too noisy, bulky, & not transparent to see contents, like the bags. I also prefer the plastic, round retracting measuring tape. It has US measurements on one side & metric on other, & you can retract it quietly by holding the retract button down while holding the end of the tape as it retracts. I've been knitting & crocheting for 55 yrs. I hope this helps. I liked your tips, & love Knit Picks too. They have the lowest price for yarn winders; only $19! I've seen them at yarn shops for $60! Yikes!

  4. @tammyinseattle Pill cases are a fabulous idea- you're right much less rattling :) Haven't been on a plane in a while but, I have seen great circle cutters that would probably breeze thru security. Yay for Knit Picks!!!