Works in Progress that is :)

I have a lot. As in a whole lot. Due to this I am only posting a couple at a time as not to overwhelm myself. I love crafting and sometimes another project calls my name before another is finished. One of my goals this year was to completly stop working on more than 2 projects at one time and to finish up all my older WIP's. Therefore I plan to stick to this plan. I am either going to finish everything or finish most and frog the rest to use for another new project.

I am uber excited for the task at hand and am hoping that my blog will help in keeping me on track. Without further ado here goes it:

 A felt bear plushie I am working on. Everything shown is felt aside from the ribbon for attaching a key ring and the mouth which is a back stitch. All I have to do with this project is sew him up and stuff.

 Fingerless mitts in this gorgeous Carribbean color Knit Picks Swish Worsted. Lovely ribbed pattern happening and a nice quick project. I only need to finish up the second mitt and weave in all ends.

 Ribbed hat worked flat. I find that I sometimes enjoy working with straight needles over circular. Something "old fashioned" and relaxing about it.

Doll worked with wool to be felted. I can't wait to decide what to dress him/her in. :)

My first attempt at an infinity chain scarf/cowl/necklace. I love the colors!

That's all for now folks! I am going to get back to my huge task at hand. Wish me luck!

Love. Peace. Happiness. 


  1. Anonymous13.6.12

    The blue color is awesome! I'd like to see the finished projects, especially the bear :) No luck...but...May God guide your hands and give you the time and energy needed to complete all that you've started while being a mom and working outside the home! I love you, Mom xoxo

    1. @ Anonymous- Bear has actually been done for a while now -I will have to ask my child where she stashed it :)