Mom's Day 2013

Happy (belated) Mom's Day!!! 

Above are some dishcloths/pot holders I crocheted for my lovely momma.

I used Lily's Sugar and Cream Cotton Yarnthe pattern can be found here. (Thank you Apple Blossom Dreams!) Pattern is very simple and this project is ubber quick to complete.

Side Note: I am in LOVE with the texture of these cloths. They are perfect for the real dirty work, I am all for saving elbows here :) 

Love. Peace. Happiness. 


  1. Anonymous17.10.14

    And I still use them to this day, one year and five months later :-) from the sink to counter to stove the washer and dryer, They have held up very well! Thanks Kiddo��. Mom

  2. @ Anonymous /Mom :) Thanks and I'm glad to hear they are still standing strong -Glad u like!