Organizational WIP #1

It's been quite some time since my last post. One of the main reasons, besides uncontrollable life roller coaster events, is lack of organization on my part. I have the inspiration, the materials, the ideas, and the skills; yet lack the organization. 

I am making the conscious choice to organize one step at a time and in turn increase my productivity. This is definitely a step in the right direction for me and today is day one. 

Above you see my embroidery / craft floss collection. I have been storing it in a large freezer bag. Although this helps to keep everything together, it not very functional for when i need to use it. I have an old, durable box in the house that wasn't serving much of a purpose so i am repurposing it to store my floss. This will be very useful in keeping the floss tangle free and easy to access. 

So far, the winding process is slow yet relaxing. I am focused on the benefits, and it is making me happy.

Love. Peace. Happiness. 

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