DIY Glitter Mix

Random Fact #1 - I love the color blue :)

I am working on a small project and decided it needed some sparkle. I prefer to add in that sparkle with either a gloss glaze/topcoat and/or glitter. I know a lot of crafters shy away from glitter for the mess it creates, not to mention the fact that it gets EVERYWHERE. But I figured that as a crafter, things are already destined to get pretty messy. So no need for me to try and create less mess and risk being disappointed in the results. 

The exact hue of blue I was looking for, I did not have. However, I did have a pretty aquamarine and a royal blue that I thought would look amazing together. Turns out I was right :) The royal blue stands out as the main color, but there are some pretty awesome specks of light given off by the aquamarine. 

Just in case you are wondering, I purchased the small glitter packs from Michaels in the kids crafting section. There are a multiple glitter pack combos to choose from at only a couple of dollars. 

Don't shy away from the glitter! Try out some mixes and let me know what you come up with! 

Love. Peace. Happiness. 

P.S. Photographing glitter to capture the beauty of the bright colors is hard! I hope these pictures do help give you a good idea of the actual color :)

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