Back in School…

Yes, the title is true. I am back in the classroom. 

I am attending a career college to become a Dental Assistant. I have to say it is pretty awesome, but very challenging. Challenging in the good way :) 

I am now in the middle of my 2nd quarter and I am extremely happy with my new career choice. After working in accounting for 6 years, I was overdue for a change. During my 1st quarter in Fall 2014, one of my teachers (also a dentist) told our class that working in the dental field combines the work of an artist, a psychologist, and a scientist. I have to say, he is 100% correct. I can already see that the work to be done with the patients, to make them comfortable and happy with their amazing smiles, will be very rewarding but also very tedious. Not only are the finished rewards AWESOME, but what I am learning has been making a HUGE difference in my approach to my craft. It doesn't hurt that both art and science are my personal passions! 

I am too excited for this new phase in my life, and will be overwhelmingly happy once school is completed and the time to cross the stage comes and goes. I am excited to be working in a field where I have obtained the responsibility and the skills to help others and make my own difference in the world, regardless how small.

Wish me luck and more A's than I can imagine :) 

Love. Peace. Happiness. 

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  1. Anonymous27.2.15

    Nothing is EVER to small, your contributions will be GREAT in the eyes of the patient at that time :-D I'm so proud of you in whatever you do! And instead of 'luck', may God guide your every thought & give you what you need to get thru to the end! Much Much Love to You Kiddo <3 Mom