DIY Tree Skirt

My daughter has an adorable mini tree in her bedroom during the holiday season. It sits on her dresser and livens up her bedroom with it's bright gold color. We purchased the tree from Target's Dollar Spot last year along with the mini ornaments. She is fascinated at the fact the  tree is gold and loves having it in her room. 

This year, I decided the tree needed a simple tree skirt to cover the unsightly base and bring a lil more pizzaz to her bedroom. 

I used a large pasta strainer to cut a circle of felt. The circle I needed was bigger than the felt so I just hot glued two pieces together. I used two complimentary hues of pink to add some extra eye candy bordered with glittery gold ribbon to match the tree. The final details included adding some pink rhinestones around the edge and a small bow made with pink ribbon. 

As all the actual gifts will be placed under the bigger tree in our family room after Santa comes, we added some Doc McStuffins characters to keep the tree company :)  

We absolutely love how it turned out and hope you are inspired to make your own! 

Enjoy scrolling thru some more pictures and let me know what you think :) 

Love. Peace. Happiness. 


  1. Anonymous14.1.15

    So cuuute!

  2. Thank you! @Anonymous- The little one loves it!