How I Spent My Afternoon...

A beautiful day in the bay today :) My darlin' baby is gone to Nani's house for the week and all I can do is think about her, but I know that she is definately enjoying it and having a great time :) So I decided to take advantage of the warm sun, sit outside, and finally paint her wooden doggie house.

This project was extremely fun to paint and I absoutely love all the bright colors :) I started with a layer of white to make the colors really pop. 

I am currently waiting for it to dry after giving it a nice acrylic varnish and tommrow I will glue in a felt floor. I will have to post a pic of the finished project, including the cute puppy :)  

While painting I had Parker (family dog) keeping me company and a beautiful scenery...

Also, I just had to snap a shot of the lettuce and and spinach that is sprouting so quickly...

I am happily anticipating a very yummy salad in the upcoming weeks :)

Love. Peace. Happiness. 

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