new camera!!!


I'm so happy :) It has definately been a long time coming.

Its a nice fancy upgrade to my old camera above. I recieved it for my 18th bday from my dad and for my 25th I knew it was time for a change. Not to mention the door not latching (hence the rubberband), and a couple of dents and scratches... poor camera :( But, I can say that it always took excellent pixs and suited me well. 

As for my new camera the Canon Powershot S95, purchased from B&H  in NY, it's amazing. Much lighter than my older Powershot S500. Yes, I stayed in the Canon family- everyone I know swears by this brand and I can see why. I love the black hard shell, very sleek I must say. I would say my only cons so far are the wrist strap and no manual being included in the box. The wrist strap doesn't have the sliding lock, so I just replaced the new one with my old wrist strap- easy pezy :) However, no manual in the box means I will have to download and print out meaning it will be on 8x10.5 paper as opposed to a cute little compact book :( so sad and disappointing. Maybe I should try and give Canon a call???

Also, I must say that B&H has an amazing customer service and sales dept. My items were shipped the day after I ordered and arrived on the date estimated. I will of course be ordering from them again if needed! 

Over all - I am in love :))

All smiles over here :)

Love. Peace. Happiness. 

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