A Long Time Away = A Long Post

Hi Everyone! Wow - August is flying by a little too quickly :)

I have been extremely busy with life and all that comes with it so I haven't really been able to post at all. And even now as I sit here I am feeling my eyes drooping so please excuse any spelling/grammar errors.


The lettuce, spinach, and carrots have completly took off. I have to apologize because we had already used some of the spinach and lettuce in a salad before I had a chance to snap an updated pix. But look how full it still is!!!

I also realized that I had never posted any of the other edibles currently growing this season: 


Black Berries 

Single Orange :( 



I just had to :) He was being so photogenic today


Just finished up the baby gift today. Below is a sneak peek, I will show the full gift tommrow (fingers crossed)

New Craft Storage

I am so happy- my 20-drawer double wide storage cart just came in from Joann over the weekend. I spent about 2hrs putting it together and cleaning out a space for it. It is amazing, I finally have a place to fit all my crafing supplies and now I can actually see where I need to destash and what I do and do not have.

That is all for now - I really am tired :)

Love. Peace. Happiness. 

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