All you need is love - the BLUE kind...

When you have beautiful yarn, where can you go wrong? These standout bright blue shades are Knit Picks Palette in Jay and Crystal Palace's Mini Mochi in Neptune Rainbow.  I did order the Knit Picks yarn online, but the Mini Mochi was purchased in person. I had the pleasure of visiting the famous San Francisco yarn store Imagiknit a couple of years ago. Yay me for using up my stash! And if you have never been to Imagiknit, you must go. Both the customer service and the yarn selections are AMAZING! 

I recently watched Too Too Amy's great YouTube tutorial on quick and easy crochet hearts and found this yarn combo to be perfect. As you can see, I could not stop making them :) 

The turquoise section of the Mini Mochi proved to be my favorite as you can see :) But for each of the hearts, I have to say I am head over heels, goggly eyed for the Knit Picks Jay. Literally the perfect beautiful, bright blue. 

I'm now leaving you with two more pretty pictures, just cause I couldn't stop snapping and I'm hoping you can't stop looking :) 

Love. Peace. Happiness. 

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