Operation: Fancify Desk

As of today, my daughter is 6 years old. I saved one of her old formula cans and have been using it to store a couple of my crafting supplies. The other day it occurred to me I should at least make it pretty as I do have to look at it everyday. Also, my crafting/work desk in in my master bedroom and I do not need any eyesores :) I painted it with white acrylic paint and lined the top and bottom with ribbon and rhinestones after a coat of glaze. I am very happy with how it turned out. 

It's all about the simple things :) 

Love. Peace. Happiness. 


  1. Anonymous17.10.14

    I like it, who would've ever thought that was a baby formula can – you really bought that didn't you?

    1. Thank you @ Anonymous! Nope, only repurposed :)